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Autonomous drone services with
advanced technology and innovative design

Our Vision

To offer drone services delivered through a fully autonomous network of “drones in a box” designed and built in the Netherlands. We strive to deliver robust, high speed, long endurance UAVs. These benefits are the direct outcome of cutting-edge technology and novel design concepts.

Variable Skew Quad Plane • 

Variable Skew Quad Plane • 

Variable Skew Quad Plane • 

Variable Skew Quad Plane • 

Variable Skew Quad Plane • 

A hydrogen powered hybrid UAV for maritime applications that can dynamically transition between “Quad” and “Fixed wing” mode in flight.



Cruise speed:

25 m/s
25 m/s

Flight time:

2.5 h
4 h


3 kg
3 kg

Gust resistance:

17 m/s
17 m/s


24 kg
25 kg

Fixed Wing

Quad Mode

The 3rd iteration prototype transitioning between quad mode and fixed wing mode.

Meet The Team

Our team comprises four highly skilled individuals with extensive experience in aerospace engineering.

With a shared passion for pioneering technology, our CEO and Co-founder, Jack Hayton, leads us towards success. Alongside Flight Laws Engineer and Co-founder Tomaso De Ponti, CTO and Co-founder Alessandro Mancinelli, and advisor and Co-founder Bart Remes, we are committed to revolutionizing the drone industry through cutting-edge innovation.

CEO & Co-founder

Jack Hayton

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Received a MEng in Aerospace from Loughborough University in 2019, he joined the MAVLab as full-time structural and manufacturing engineer in September 2020.

CTO & Co-founder

Alessandro Mancinelli

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Has a BSc and MSc in aerospace engineering. He has been working as a full time Flight Laws control engineer for Airbus France and got an MBA from the Collège des Ingénieurs in 2020. In 2021 he started a PhD at Delft University of Technology with the aim of developing an UAV platform capable of autonomous landing on a moving platform. As part of the start-up he is the CTO.

Flight Laws Engineer & Co-founder

Tomaso De Ponti

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Started to work part-time in the MAVLab in October 2020. He has a BSc and MSc in aerospace engineering from TU Delft at the department of Control & Simulation. He is currently conducting research on the VSQP at the TUDelft MAVLab as part of his PhD. His expertise is control design for MAV vehicles, both theoretical as well as applied.

Advisor & Co-founder

Bart Remes

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Received his MSc in Aerospace from TU Delft after which he co-founded the Micro Aerial Vehicles Laboratory ( in 2004, for which he is currently the head project manager and researcher. He is researching hybrid UAVs since 2008 resulting in different start-ups like Atmosuav and Aerovinci. He is one of the founders of and founding researcher of (former Robovalley).